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Orthomosaic generation is the automated process for Orthorectifing the raw imagery and mosaicing them into one single image. This process will generate a Georeferenced Image and optionally a Digital surface model in various different formats.Type your paragraph here.

Use the Volume Estimation Tool to estimate the volume of bulk material storage or material excavation (i.e. stockpiles or mining pits). Provide the region of interest and the algorithm will provide the volume in cubic meters.

The OSAVI is best used in areas with relatively sparse vegetation, where soil is visible through the canopy. It is based on the Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index (SAVI) and uses a standard value of 0.16 for the canopy background adjustment factor. Researchers have determined that this value provides greater soil variation than SAVI for low vegetation cover areas, while demonstrating increased sensitivity to vegetation cover greater than 50%.

ENDVI provides a new way to analyze vegetation and other objects using visible blue, visible green and near infrared data. Traditionally, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) NDVI uses only red and near infrared data. NDVI used these bands because that was what was available back in the old Kodak Color Infrared (CIR) film days. Today, the Kodak film is long discontinued and digital cameras respond different to light than film especially in the infrared regions.

The traditional NDVI formula uses the blue channel for the NIR because the Kodak had created a special kind of color infrared film where the blue crystals could respond to blue or infrared light while the red and green crystals only responded to visible light. By using a visible blue light blocking filter, the user could capture an image where Blue = NIR, Green = Visible Green, and Red = Visible Red. The red channel was used instead of the green since the green channel would also reflect light while the red channel absorbed light when taking pictures of plants. The key is that you need a NIR plant reflective channel and a visible plant absorption channel.

Digital cameras respond different than film. The main thing to understand is that you want the camera to have near infrared and visible bands in separate channels. Once you have the NIR isolated in a color channel, you can perform NDVI type measurements. With our NDVI cameras, the blue and green channels see visible light while the red sees the NIR.

We have found that you can get even better results if you use the red and green as the reflective channels while using the blue as the absorption channel. Remember that a normal healthy plant will reflect both visible green light and NIR light. We can improve on the NDVI formula for these cameras by changing the formula.

This ENDVI formula sums the NIR and Green channels together for the reflective channel. The Blue channel is multiplied by two to compensate for the NIR and Green channels being summed together.

Birdseye can fly your property inside and out an give your customers a full view of the property.  We can add the agent in on video describing the property.  We can process this property into a 3D view.  We can help sell your property quickly.

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